Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stand to the Front

Or I will kill all of you in the name
Of your families and friends
Don't tell me your sorry ass stories
Or of all the goodness you intend

Step to the wall

Or be struck down like cowards
You're of no use to take with us
And it is no loss if you're gone
So quit making all that muss and fuss

About being considerate to the likes
Of The Sodom and Gommorah crowd
There is a solitary shadowy figure approaching
And he's appropriately wearing a shroud

It is your death
Your well earned well deserved death
For all your utterances of futile bargaining
All your wasted exhalations of breath

For anything that did not support
Or stand behind men who stand the line
Your system is breaking down
Now comes the fabled fatal end time

Slaughter is imminent and imperative
No prisoners is the call of the day
Stand to the front or all is but what
You merely stupidly stubbornly have to say

9:00 pm
transcribed this time
9:10 pm


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